In any organization of our size, that works to pressure deadlines successfully,  the key to success is tight administration. Our team in this area are focused and professional to ensure timely and correct delivery of the information required to keep our wheels rolling.


Our middle management layer are selected for their high skill levels and their keen attention to detail, but also, and more importantly, for their ability to keep our team both happy and productive. The volume of goods produced in our various sections of the factory require important timing to avoid bottlenecks and supply chain issues and this team are excellent in their responsible to keep the goods flowing from our hands to yours!


The most important people in the factory… our coalface. These dedicated and skilled artisans will turn your needs into reality. We only employ the best people, who have the closest attention to detail, and we measure that result by the fact that we only produce the finest jewelry. Our factory structure allows this team to be dedicated to the types of jewellery they are best at.  Close bonds are formed in our many community and sports events.


Our Executive Leadership Team draws on a wealth of experience and expertise to steer us in the right direction, along with the unwavering support of our Board of Directors, but far from being remote to the factory, you will most likely find them in the thick of the action. A direct involvement in the day to day running keeps this level of management in sync with what is happening at every level of this finely tuned factory.