The Intercontinental Jewellery Group, since its inception in 1994, is today recognised as one of Thailand’s leading manufacturers and exporters of mass market gold and silver gem set jewellery.

Our mission is to build long term relationships with select clients in various markets around the world. By understanding each customer’s products and marketing calendar, we apply our total focus on dedicated new product development and the highest standards of customer service, quality, manufacturing and timely delivery.


Our goal is to provide a proficient and reliable vehicle for growth in YOUR supply chain. Our factory and management teams have been meticulously setup to allow for rapid deployment of high volume products, from concept to dispatch.

We have client list in every continent, and significant experience in working with them all.

We produce directly, or indirectly under license in excess of 2 million pieces per annum for global markets including Russia, USA, Australia, Japan, Europe and the UK. We have plans under advisement to expand the factory to four million units.


Rather than a FIFO production line we employ a modular approach, allowing us to have teams of people who are the best at their particular product category, and whom can be subdivided into teams to tackle specific products on the fly. We can determine your product category and assign the relevant sections to it, and in essnese create a factory within in a factory.. and we welcome the buyers at any time to spend time in “their” section. [sweeping shot of factory segments] For a more detailed production info pictorial please see – MANUFACTURING PROCESS

Usually this means a two to 3 week sample development time to take your concept from paper to CAD and a sample model for final approval. For some clients with very large ranges and high development requirements, we have dedicated designers, with 3D printers in their work area, being utilized to rapidly proof  designs in resin with even faster turnaround times, and allowing for far larger initial sample sections.


For selected clients we will travel international with our designers  to hold design meetings with their creative teams on site, and frequently we will entertain their design teams in the factory to bring them closer to the coal face and improve understanding of the process, making for better product, more relevant to the client market.

We attend all the major shows in Vicenza, Bangkok, Las Vegas and Hong Kong where we will exhibit out new ranges and also meet with clients to conclude ongoing developments, or walk the fairs with them looking for new developments.


Production out of season will be between four to six weeks, and in season will be between 6 to 8 weeks. We understand the pressures of last minute promotional product and we offer large accounts, S.O.S., our seasonal ordering system, whereby we will produce the bulk of the seasonal stock out of season with extended payment terms, allowing both IJM and our partners more capacity in season to handle the “hot” items in a traditionally congested time.

All production, including sampling, has reports generated by our inhouse system, which will transparently inform both the buyers and management of the account of the exact progress of the order through the factory.

Our QC is handled in-house, and our global QC report is under one third of a percent. A number we are very proud of. We do provide facilities for outside QC to inspect product if required. The systems in place are very high tech and are continually being updated to match the demanding needs of the variable product we produce.


We place a high priority on both corporate and social responsibility. The company is RJC approved, we comply strictly to the Kimberley Process and other protocols, and our manufacturing is environmentally friendly. We are committed to a scheme to reward giving long-term incentives to all our valuable employee. We are not content to be merely “compliant” and we make great efforts to be involved in our IJM community as well as the broader community with many sports, health and education programs being directly involved in , or being sponsored by IJM. Our commitment to growth in our area, from a grass roots level ensures that the next 20 years will guarantee us with staff just as happy and committed as the team are now. Please see Responsibility for more information. Images of 2 staff events, or training events

We welcome you to contact any of our international salespeople or managers on our Contact page.